May 28th, 2009 by Wesley Fryer

We need to redefine what it means to be digitally literate in the 21st century. Knowledge and proficiency with software productivity applications like Microsoft Office cannot suffice to define computer literacy. “Powerful Ingredients for Blended Learning” (PI4BL) is a framework for thinking about and using blended learning tools and methodologies. Levels of use are defined as awareness, personal use, adoption, and invention. Educators are encouraged to progress, at their own pace, through each ingredient at each level of use.

We have developed a 2+ day workshop model based on the PI4BL framework. Designed to meet the ISTE National Educational Technology Standards, this series of learning experiences is designed to:

  • develop awareness of blended learning strategies (the menu)
  • develop specific blended learning skills
  • catalyze local conversations about digital access issues (content filtering/blocking)
  • empower the development of local “social media guidelines” for schools

“Powerful Ingredients for Blended Learning” is a forthcoming book by Wesley Fryer and Karen Montgomery. A draft of our book is available on our Google Sites wiki, with individual chapters written using Google Docs. This website serves as a complementary information resource about the themes, tools, and strategies discussed in the book, as well as an informational site about workshops offered using the PI4BL model. Your input is welcome!

This work is licensed under an Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States license.

Creative Commons License photo credit: torres21

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